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Friday, 7 February 2020

How to remove the bra at the right time?

How to remove the bra at the right time?
How to remove the bra at the right time?

You know, this so embarrassing moment, when everything was going well, that the temperature is getting really hot, that she has just torn off her little top, that you can not take it anymore, after watching her plunging neckline all evening , to discover her splendid breasts finally exposed and that that time, potentially so delicious, becomes a real ordeal because you get stuck with both arms behind your back to shamefully excite you on her brand new lingerie which has nothing to do with you fact…

The three basic tips for unhooking a bra
First of all, do not try to undo a bra unless you know how to do it! And take stress into account, especially the first few times with a new partner - especially if you boasted of having a lot of experience, beware, it immediately makes a bad impression!

Then, think about making a diversion while you are carrying out the delicate operation. Kiss it voluptuously in the neck or fiercely on the mouth. For the most gifted, if you have a free hand, try a caress on the hips, on the face or on the buttocks. Never forget that when it comes to sexuality, one of the main assets is knowing how to surprise ...

Finally, once you've started, go to the end! You never start to fight on a bra, then leave it in the plan, half unhooked! But rest assured, some women will find the awkwardness rather touching, and most of them are still good enough to give you a little help when you really struggle too much.

The pillow method
Before getting down to business, it's like putting on a condom, nothing beats a little private training! So, even if you feel a little silly, adopt the pillow method, to perfect yourself alone and without pressure, before replacing your friend full of feathers with a real pretty woman ... Borrow - preferably in secret, especially if you don't fully assume - a bra for your mother, sister or cousin (if you only find your grandmother's, it doesn't matter, it will do the job anyway!) and slip it elegantly on the pillow of your choice (in any case, we agree, it will only be moderately realistic, but too bad!). And now, you're on the track: try at your own pace and without getting angry to unclip this f ... blind bra and without shaking too much this poor pillow that didn't ask you for anything!

Our technique for unclipping a bra with class
First, to understand how to do it, you have to visualize the clips of the bra and remember that IT IS NOTHING TO FORCE FORCE, if it does not come, it is that you are doing it wrong! Obviously, women with dozens of different bras, not all staples are made the same, but tell yourself that the most common arrangement, which you can rely on most of the time, is two times two small hooks located in parallel about 2 cm from each other. So do not forget that you can have unhook a pair of hooks without being at the end of your pain, but without having missed everything!

Then you have two options for unclipping your partner's bra - which in any case will work well if you do it on your own! If you do it discreetly and with one hand, it will be really classy ... but you can also try it with two hands, it will not be shameful.

First find out where the staples are. Position the thumb and middle finger at the ends and the index finger at the level of the hooks. You must then apply pressure with the two fingers as if you wanted to bring the two straps together by replacing the staples, letting go of weight at the hooks so that they can be discreetly unclipped - and without scratching the back of the young woman preferably! With one hand, when you know how to do it, it is done with a snap of your fingers, but you have to be familiar with the staples and have taken the helping hand. With both hands, it takes a little less dexterity: you have to bring both hands together by grabbing each side of the bra to give the weight that will allow the clips to come undone.

Once the bra unhooked, we know, that's it, you are relieved! But it is not yet finished, we must finish ridding the young lady of this superfluous lingerie, by delicately removing her suspenders. This time, it's a lot easier, so put some heart into it and work on your style! You can for example slide the suspenders by following them closely with the mouth to cover her arms with kisses ... The whole thing lies in the technique, but also in the staging: know how to make this moment exciting and surprising!

Finally, after all that, don't forget that women do this every night, so unzip, unclip a bra, it's still not that complicated!

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